Senior Software Developer

I grew up in the mountains in Virginia then attended the College of William & Mary near the Commonwealth’s oceanside. After earning a degree in Computer Science, I packed up my parents’ station wagon and moved to the tiny town of New York City. After 3 years, I was looking to explore a new and exotic country, I chose Texas. Austin was an immediate fit: friendly people, live music, outdoor adventures, and tech savvy.
Here, I’ve settled down, gotten married and am looking to move forward in my career.

I am first and foremost a problem solver, specializing in refining clients’ needs and making solutions happen. I enjoy all aspects of programming: gathering and defining software specs, choosing technologies, implementation, testing, analyzing customer feedback and improving functionality. I have a strong interest in business as well and see myself flourishing in a management position due to my personable skills and analytical decision-making.

A job/career is somewhere between a life pursuit and a daily habit. I’m looking to find a place where I fit into the former part of the spectrum. I like to surround myself with the smartest people in the room, always expecting to learn something.