Senior Software Developer

Lee Harper grew up in the mountains in Virginia then attended the
College of William & Mary near the ocean. After earning her degree
in Computer Science, she packed up her parents’ station wagon and
moved to the tiny town of New York City. Since 2005 she’s a software
engineer for the IT industry analyst firm The 451 Group. After
exactly 3 years, she decided to work remotely in a new, exotic country
and chose Texas. Austin was an immediate fit: friendly people, live
music, outdoor adventures, and tech savviness.

Programming seduced her with its needs for problem solving, designing,
project managing and creativity. Throughout her career she’s been
lucky to delve into the complete process of software development. She
thrives on the end product making everyone involved happy. Her
specialties include refining and defining client’s needs, using
efficient resources, and producing a successful product.